Wird Schon

by Herr Simon Klemp

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Marlena Reifert
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Marlena Reifert Das ist so fucking DU, alles! Bin über dieses Album mehr als glücklich! Danke, Sweet! ❤️ Favorite track: Hold Me.
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released May 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Herr Simon Klemp Bonn, Germany

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Track Name: Doctor
I feel alright we're going for gold,
we are dancing through the night.
All doubts aside we turn the youth into the old,
took your heart and you got mine.

Vision is fading out, creating intense memories,
but how shall I surive?

Somebody call a doctor
I'm having a heart attack.
This women is like no other
don't make her smile again.

During the fight we remember who we used to be
but restrictions are denied.
This dynamite uncages the sea.
took your heart and you got mine.


If we're living a lie, is this to good to be true?
I guess my mind is on the line.
Belief me I've tried but I kept on falling without you.
took your heart and you got mine.

Track Name: Nice Boy
I met a police-girl in Cologne,
she had nothing on me.
Asked me if I'm travelling alone,
checking my fake ID.

She's coming closer now,
and talks to me gently.

If you be a nice boy
I'll let you love
All that I am
You'll see.

But if you be a rude boy
I'll break your heart
and call in the men
of police.

So I had to date her quite a while,
I felt guilty in first days.
She was working on a trial,
and I tried to get away.


A son was born and named like me,
taught him to pick pocket his mum.
So I got my golden key,
but I lost the will to run.

Track Name: Outro
Was sind schon sieben Jahre,
hast mir keins davon gestohlen.
Du meinst es so, wie ich es sagte,
kannst es nur nicht wiederholen.

So findet dieser Schrecken Ende,
wurd auch langsam Zeit.
Wir sprachen lieber gegen Wände,
als uns wirklich mitzuteilen.

Und dann wird mir bewusst,
es ist nun wirklich Schluss.

Aber du strahlst so sehr
ich hoffte Dir geht’s wie mir.
Schreibst Du kommst nicht aus dem Bett,
Fühlst Dich aber jetzt komplett.

Hast ja sogar ne Begleitung,
Ach, der Markus aus Schwerin.
Was intressiert mich seine Meinung,
Kann der Pisser sich verziehn?

Ich versuch doch nur mit Dir zu reden,
kann den Auftritt nicht verstehen.
Kein Warum und kein Weswegen,
Schatz, was isn das Problem?


Die Faust hab ich sehr wohl verdient,
aber so ne Hose geht halt gar nicht.
Fahrt ihr denn jetzt gleich noch zu ihm?
Ach, Dir wird’s jetzt zu peinlich?!

Tut mir leid, wie ungeniert,
wollten keine Freunde bleiben.
Bin ma wieder eskaliert,
ich werd Dir jetzt nicht mehr schreiben.

Track Name: Burning Man
She lives on a mountain,
two days march away.
“She drank from the fountain
of youth” as travelers say.”

She's bored by her man
who is infected by success.
I forged a secret plan
to end our loneliness.

I can whisper and shout
fate speaks out loud.

I am a burning man
The way that you look at me
lights up the air that we breath.

I am a burning man
The way you don't look at me
breaks up the land underneath.

I sneak into her gardens,
in the shelter of the night.
Courage has been hardened
as I spot her all in white.

Her travel bags are ready
But how could she have known?
Bliss is rising steady,
cause her plan was like my own!


I leave my cover
to confront my love at last.
But she discovers
I'm not the one who's asked.

The silence in my heart
is broken by a priest,
taking her into a convent
away from teasing beasts.

Track Name: Dominik
Dominiks Vater war Rechtsanwalt.
Die Mutter selbstverliebt und kalt.
Zudem war er Einzelkind
weil die leicht zu halten sind.

Ein Moppelchen mit zu viel Geld
welches austeilt und dann flieht.
Zwar den Stolz aber kein Recht behält.
Fehler macht doch nicht vergibt.

Eine zweite Chance verdient jeder Mann,
der die erste bereuen kann

Dominik was is'n dein Problem?
Willste nidde mal nach Hause gehen?
Dominik et is jetzt langsam joot.
Machens keene Terz und schwing deene Hoot.

Ich wollte nur noch eines trinken.
Eines noch und dann ist Schluß.
Darf an der Theke nicht versinken,
da ich die Steuer machen muss.

Dominik schreit: Watt soll der Scheiß?
Weiß der Schiri watt Abseits heißt?
Der Kopf blutrot, er wirft das Glas.
„Watt glotzte so? War doch nur Spaß.

Ne dritte Chance verdient jeder Mann,
der die Kneipe kaufen kann.


Neulich fuhr ich zur Frau Mama,
an der Straße ein Plakat.
Dominik stellt sich zur Wahl.
Gibt sich fromm und regional.

In Interviews weicht er Fragen aus.
Die Texte sind nicht mal von ihm.
Nennt Probleme und bekommt Applaus.
Ja, so schafft man's nach Berlin.

Jede Chance hat jeder Mann,
der uns zu viel versprechen kann.

Track Name: Hold Me
You are the water silent passing stone,
I'd rather drown, than dry out all alone.

This is what your lips say to assure me that they're mine,
but it takes more than words and words from time to time.

So could you hold me, hold me tonight?
Cause it's freezing here outside.
Hold Me, hold me tonight.

And you're all the fires shaping my own land,
melting me softly with my neck inside your hand.


You are the nightfall untouched by city lights,
widen my eyesight to indulge in the whole night.

Track Name: Call My Name
I am in troubled water,
and my ship is sinking below.
Nature is dragging me deeper
to the seabed which swallows me slow.

But do you call my name
So that I can find my way to shore
Do you you call my name
So that I can find my way to you.

Words are riding the storm soon,
angered but slightly peaceful.
Fear the thirst of old Neptune,
whose temper sends out a seagull.

I need something to hold on
I've been sinking for too long.
But I will fight it to the end.
Track Name: I Know
Sometimes the light won't fade in
and walls cannot break.
Some words will hurt you, baby,
and a promise will ache.

“U and me” requires work
just like the holidays.
Only if you know the war,
you can keep the peace.

I know that sometimes you rise to see me low,
but I won't give this up to let you go.

Memories won't be mirrors,
but a right can be wrong.
A bond fears no scissors,
when it's ancient and strong.


A smile can cut you open,
not all kisses are blind.
But when my mask is broken,
you'll be my mind.

Track Name: Every Mile I Go
I am naked in the streets,
a map confused me even more.
I am drunk and got no leads,
but I'll find that hidden door.

But I guess it's part of it.
A fast way home you just cannot forget.

Every mile I go
I find i hard to believe
Is leading me home, right into your arms
No matter which way I lose.

I am followed by some apes.
Throwing rocks and swear at me.
I crossed a line as you can see
you calm'em with juicy grapes


I was send to walk the moon
but I'm scared of heights again
you gave permission for me to land
I'll be crushing at yours soon.